Social Responsibility

If man has no tea in him,he is incapable of understanding truth and beauty.

- Japanese Proverb

One of our core philosophies is to be an active member and integral part of our local community. Jun Chiyabari directly employs over 200 people, mostly women, in an impoverished rural hill district of Nepal. However we still feel it is imperative that we, the fortunate ones, contribute towards the betterment of our less fortunate countrywomen and men in other ways too.


We have a program that is helping local schools with basic supplies, such as books, computers, contribution of salary for teachers. We also support girl-children of underprivileged families who find difficult or in some cases, hesitate, to send their girls to school.

Income Generation

In the medium run, we have other plan for our workers to be self sustaining by way of alternate income generating schemes and have financed some of them with this.

Care & Respect for Elderly


There are then, those in our community, who cannot wait for the long or medium term benefits – the elderly who are disowned and dispossessed. They need help now. In our district, there is an old people’s home that we supported them with clothes and food.

Here is a link to an article in the local and international media which should shed light on our philosophy and approach to business.

School Project 2017 - 2032

We are trying to garner support for restoration and rehabilitation of a rather dilapidated school in a remote corner adjacent to one of our tea divisions. It is a government school catering mostly to the low income families. We will be looking forward to any support for this project from any interested people.